Get blogging

Get blogging

They do say you should practice what you preach, so it will sound a bit hollow when I tell you that you to blog weekly. You should. It really makes a difference and I have no excuse…other than the fact that I write blogs for other people!

For some, blogging comes easily, in fact, it is even pleasurable, but for many business owners, it’s a necessary evil and the first thing they ask is ‘What on earth do I write about?’

You write about your business and the fact is, things that are worthy of blogging about, happen every week.

Think of it as the things you would tell a colleague, if you were to sit down and chat about the business. You wouldn’t tell them anything that would reflect badly on what you do, you’d sieve out the positive nuggets and try and make them sound as interesting as possible.

Try not to write any more than 500 words and if you can, present information in bullet points because –

  • It is easier to digest.
  • Attention spans are short online.
  • It is easy on the eye.
  • It forces you to do away with superfluous words.

Always include a picture with your blog, or video, which is even better. You can take good quality video with a decent smart phone and you can bag yourself a sturdy tripod for around £30. I’ve also got a remote, which means I can operate the ‘start’ button on my phone without having to get up. It only cost £6.

Are you still wondering what to write about? Look up your competitors. Have any of them got a blog? What are they talking about? Are they doing it well?

Do your research, find out what others in your field are doing and put your own personal spin on it.

Why not make yourself an expert in your given field? For example, if you sell wooden floors, give people tips on how to maintain them, choose them, match décor with them etc. If you are a business coach, give people advice on all the things that your clients struggle with.

To help you, here is a link to the Top 50 UK websites and blogs. What are you waiting for? Get blogging…